Wide Open Spaces

Like many of the songs off ‘The Quiet Kind’ EP, ‘Wide Open Spaces’ operates the machinery within a vulnerable space in my mind. It is the end product of a sense of fear, lack of control and frustration. The song itself is my reaction to an event that happened in 2014, the event itself isn’tContinue reading “Wide Open Spaces”

True To Me

Family is a blessing, a blessing we are fortunately born with, an unbreakable bond. Family brings unconditional love, opportunity for growth and is unknowingly deep rooted within ourselves. My family is the opitome of this. Love is entrenched within the veins of every person in my family, we side with the force of love andContinue reading “True To Me”


It’s definitely easy to define ‘Lifeboat’ as a simple love song and in many ways it is. It encompasses everything that your typical love song possesses. Lyrically it is apothegmatic, concise and easy to understand. When I wrote ‘Lifeboat’ I wanted to celebrate a personal love in its most simple form, despite the love notContinue reading “Lifeboat”

The Quiet Kind

Irony is the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or empathetic effect. In a lot of ways, ‘The Quiet Kind’ is an ironic statement to make as my album title. Throughout my life, as mentioned, I have sought opportunity to perform and expose my extroverted qualities.Continue reading “The Quiet Kind”