The Quiet Kind

Irony is the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or empathetic effect. In a lot of ways, ‘The Quiet Kind’ is an ironic statement to make as my album title. Throughout my life, as mentioned, I have sought opportunity to perform and expose my extroverted qualities. There are many aspects of my personality that you could ascribe to an underlying extroverted personality however when I delve deeper in to my psyche I find almost the exact opposite.

I have learned throughout my life that quite often what we see on the surface of an individual is the direct opposite of what lies beneath. Almost a positive reaction to qualities they may lack or a negative reaction those they possess. For a long time in my life I ascribed my need for acceptance as negative trait I was given at birth however I believe now that it was a tool I was given to combat introversion and a trait I was assigned to push the boundaries of myself. Being an introvert is sometimes deceptive in itself and for this reason, the title ‘The Quiet Kind’, is in fact, not an ironic statement, it is a vehicle to expose the true nature of myself. I will talk about individual songs in my later blogs however a comprehensive description of the album lies within this description, particularly in the song ‘The City’.

I find that song-writing is a process in which I learn about myself. It is through the act of writing a song that I explain certain parts of myself or the reasons behind certain events that have happened in my life. It is I suppose then ‘ironic’ that this journey is something I am sharing with the world. Perhaps from this we will all learn more about ourselves.

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