It’s definitely easy to define ‘Lifeboat’ as a simple love song and in many ways it is. It encompasses everything that your typical love song possesses. Lyrically it is apothegmatic, concise and easy to understand. When I wrote ‘Lifeboat’ I wanted to celebrate a personal love in its most simple form, despite the love not being your ‘typical’ love. 

We all now that love comes in many shapes, forms and colours. My first love didn’t break this rule. A man older than me, with more life experience, and more ‘colour’ to his life. I was a blank canvas; I grew to find that our thoughts and points of view varied dramatically with this difference in background. Love opens your eyes; it gives you two pairs of eyes with which to see.  Lifeboat is an expression of misunderstood love, frustration and an innate need for it to be accepted. In many ways through this song I can remember a time in which I thought ‘I was right’ and that ‘we will show you’, expressed in the lyric ‘he’s a soldier for the blind’ and ‘he’s and innocent on the run’… I can’t say that I ever experienced a time in which our point was proven, instead in our ever-evolving relationship, I am learning more each day. My thoughts aren’t exactly the same anymore. I came to realize the only person you need to prove anything to is yourself. I know where my love lies and who is my ‘lifeboat’ is and that is all that matters.

Lifeboat expresses naivety in an early stage of a relationship but encompasses and heartfelt conviction of pure love, love without terms and conditions. Although the song describes a love personal to me, it is a comprehensive view of love as a whole, in general and in broader terms. Who defines love? Individually we define love in our own selves. In the same way we define everything in our own minds.

Published by Jenny Colquitt

My name is Jenny Colquitt. I am a singer/songwriter from North West England. I began writing music when i was in my early teens and from there I have played many venues and spread my music far and wide. In 2016 I released my debut E.P. titled 'The Quiet kind'. I also run a successful YouTube Channel under my name in which i post weekly videos with a mixture of cover songs and original works. I am producing this blog as a way to document my journey as a songwriter and musician and to enlighten people on my songwriting methods as well as to allow people to engage with my music on a deeper level than the melody. Be sure to check out my blog!

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