True To Me

Family is a blessing, a blessing we are fortunately born with, an unbreakable bond. Family brings unconditional love, opportunity for growth and is unknowingly deep rooted within ourselves. My family is the opitome of this. Love is entrenched within the veins of every person in my family, we side with the force of love and selflessness. It may be easy to assume that ‘True To Me’ is eluding to a particular character trait within myself. This is, although partly true, not the full picture of the song. In fact, I wrote this song about how this undeniable force of love is entrenched in the history of my family. It is a song that impacts me more everyday than any other song I have ever written. It reminds me to be true, to be faithful and caring for all around me. This force is more powerful than any other force I come across.

The song takes the listener through a journey of the generations. It starts with the vision of a Grandchild visiting their elderly Grandparent. She reminds them of this inner force and to be ‘True To Me’, as a metaphor for family values.

“You came to, see her, she’s older, she’s frail”

It takes you through a story of this Grandchild going on to raise a child.

“It’s Summer, you had a son in Autumn, you brought him up in Spring”

She takes them to visit their elderly Great-Grandparent in the same way they did and the same experience happens between these two members of the family, despite the larger generation gap.

Throughout the song there are many metaphors, including ‘growing like a seed’ and ‘hold her inside’, these elude to this ingrained family bond and history of a powerful force of love.

The bridge in the song is a celebration of family being there for each other, during any difficult time.

“I will find him somewhere cold… bring your body close and your heart to me”

‘True To Me’ describes core values, values that are taught to each generation of the family, not through particular acts, but through the simple sharing of love. I describe love as a ‘force’, this is because it will never be broken, it is grounded far too deep in our roots.

Published by Jenny Colquitt

My name is Jenny Colquitt. I am a singer/songwriter from North West England. I began writing music when i was in my early teens and from there I have played many venues and spread my music far and wide. In 2016 I released my debut E.P. titled 'The Quiet kind'. I also run a successful YouTube Channel under my name in which i post weekly videos with a mixture of cover songs and original works. I am producing this blog as a way to document my journey as a songwriter and musician and to enlighten people on my songwriting methods as well as to allow people to engage with my music on a deeper level than the melody. Be sure to check out my blog!

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