Wide Open Spaces

Like many of the songs off ‘The Quiet Kind’ EP, ‘Wide Open Spaces’ operates the machinery within a vulnerable space in my mind. It is the end product of a sense of fear, lack of control and frustration. The song itself is my reaction to an event that happened in 2014, the event itself isn’t important however it changed the course of reality, at least for myself. I believe that within our lives, there comes a moment in which we realise that things are not always ok. This moment shakes us to the core and leaves a scar on our sense of security.

 ‘Lost in imperfection, lost in this world’ , ‘I was born a Friday child in a land full of greed’

These lyrics sum up a story of being born in to an imperfect world. A Friday child is loving and giving, unfortunately not everyone is, always. As a child this is alien to us, at least for the majority. We are sheltered until we grow capable of processing potentially damaging realities. 

‘Nights full of madness, nights full of sin’

Like 9/11 was for so many, this event was for me, exceedingly frightening. Although it didn’t affect me on a personal level, it made me desperate to examine the forces of good and evil. I remember this time very well, a time of a lot of change I my life, and a time that I learned the most about myself.

The songs questions all that there is to question about humanity.

 ‘Why do we leave, wide open spaces in between our love?’

This is the crux of the song. An unanswerable question. 

‘Torn away from silence, and told I was free’

This lyric references being born from a silent womb in to a world that is unknowingly unfair, prejudiced and dangerous. We are stripped of our comfort and thrust, almost unimaginably in to life. Birth is, unfortunately, not always the most traumatic part of existence.

‘I became to fear the world, and now I believe’

This lyric brings the song full circle. Earlier on it is mentioned how we are ‘swore to believe’; we are lied to and brainwashed in to believing that everything is good. Through experience however we have our eyes opened and believe in a different reality. This time however we do truly believe. This brainwashing is alluded to in a later lyric;

‘Blind to all the sadness, blind and decieved’.

The song represents a hapless awakening. Our deception during childhood is ill-fated, we are destined to find the truth, and it is through this that we ironically become free, like promised.

Published by Jenny Colquitt

My name is Jenny Colquitt. I am a singer/songwriter from North West England. I began writing music when i was in my early teens and from there I have played many venues and spread my music far and wide. In 2016 I released my debut E.P. titled 'The Quiet kind'. I also run a successful YouTube Channel under my name in which i post weekly videos with a mixture of cover songs and original works. I am producing this blog as a way to document my journey as a songwriter and musician and to enlighten people on my songwriting methods as well as to allow people to engage with my music on a deeper level than the melody. Be sure to check out my blog!

4 thoughts on “Wide Open Spaces

  1. Eloquence meaning :Eloquence is fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion. All I can say really……………sums up all you do in your songs


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