To say that life is what we think it is, to me, would be an understatement. As I grow, I come to realise that we are only what we think we are, we can do only what we think we can do, and if we think something, it is. 

Imagine you are on a beach; you are on a beach. Imagine you are the most important person in the world; you are the most important person in the world. We only have toilet roll stuck to our shoe if we see it, if we don’t, then its not there. Imagine what it’s like to be happy, you are happy. Have you ever woken from a dream thinking it is real, that’s because it is. At least in your perspective, and that’s all that matters.

We are scientifically only subatomic atoms in space, but only when we think about it.

This lesson is something I have learned recently although it has always played a role for me. If only I had learned earlier that I can do anything if I believe. That doesn’t matter because now, I know and so now I’ll make things happen. Success is already achieved if, by looking at yourself, you are happy that your inner-self is reflective of what is achievable. I have already succeeded, as my mind is content therefore I am not trying to be successful, I am.

Sometimes I imagine what the perfect song would sound like. By doing that, I am writing the perfect song. Live the life you want to live and you are living the life you want to live. You could say that this is too influenced by finance, yes but only if the life you want to live is determined by that. This is dangerous way to ‘perceive’ this life as it rests too much on external factors. If you draw a picture of the perfect life looking something like the day-to-day; then you are living the perfect life. I am not saying that everyday I wake up and believe i’m living the perfect life. We all have our days in which our constructed view of perfection is dissimilar to the day we are having. I just use these days as fuel to advance a particular goal the next day. In this way, perception of fortune itself can attract better fortune through our actions.

Perspective is a tool we can use to our advantage, to conquer our psyche. 

How does this relate to music? Well music can shape perspective. If we hear a happy song then quite often we can’t help but feel happy. I want to move people with my music, I want to shape perspective. I want to be a creator of one of the only sensory constructs that has the ability to almost instantaneously better thought or equally, make people think that they can and that they will.  You just need to think about it.

Published by Jenny Colquitt

My name is Jenny Colquitt. I am a singer/songwriter from North West England. I began writing music when i was in my early teens and from there I have played many venues and spread my music far and wide. In 2016 I released my debut E.P. titled 'The Quiet kind'. I also run a successful YouTube Channel under my name in which i post weekly videos with a mixture of cover songs and original works. I am producing this blog as a way to document my journey as a songwriter and musician and to enlighten people on my songwriting methods as well as to allow people to engage with my music on a deeper level than the melody. Be sure to check out my blog!

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